A history in Music

Hobin Studios has been the premiere audio recording studio in the Syracuse and wider Central New York area for nearly four decades, combining the wisdom of that experience with a cutting-edge, digital recording environment.


Our Studio is powered by the latest releases of Windows. We run Samplitude Pro X as well as older versions on a dedicated studio machine.


We use powerful internal drives and backup to reliable hard drives. If you lose valuable studio time on our fault, recreating any lost material is on the house.


Although we have a rate, we are very flexible about pricing in many situations. Contact us for a definitive price.

High end

Any craftsman knows you need the best tools to create the best results, but that skill and knowledge of ones craft is key. Here at Hobin Studios, we have both the skill and gear to make you sound your best.

Photo Gallery

Live Room

The Live room is a open area with high ceilings that has a warm, natural reverb.

Control Room

Altec Far-Field monitors and JBL Near-Field monitors provide an extremely accurate mix environment.

Ready to Record?

Contact us to figure out what you need, and when you want it.