What we do.

Hobin Studios is a complete recording powerhouse. Here's why.

Hobin. The history.

Many decades ago, a barn was fitted with some wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling carpet. A few mics and a tape recorder, and you have the humble beginings of the studio. Eventually the barn was taken down and what is now Studio B was entirely purpose-built and designed on top of it. Running 24-track, 2 inch tape, a Soundtracs analog console, a selection of mics and rack gear, Studio B was state of the art, and as modern as any studio could get at that time.


Although tape has a great sound, it is not how recordings are made in 2014. Hobin Studios now runs Samplitude, interfaced by top-of-the line Apogee ADA converters. We still use the Soundtracs 32 channel console, but all the mixing happens within the digital realm. Our selection of gear has become refined to the highest quality standards. Come in today and visit a studio with credentials, reputation, history, and cutting edge production values.



Rack Gear

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